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Look! A book trailer I designed is being featured here!


Happy Tuesday everyone! Check out this fabulous book trailer from author Shyla Colt for Always!


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Welcome to Pen and Kink’s first event! We hope you are excited as we are to bring you premier, high quality erotica at Indie Prices. Below you’ll find information about all three books and a great giveaway, put together especially for you. First a little about Pen and Kink!


About Pen and Kink!

Pen & Kink

We are a committed writer collective focused on promoting quality erotica of all predilections, from steamy romance to the more transgressive and taboo topics and everything in-between. At Pen & Kink you will find books you can trust will be of the highest quality that contain so much heat your ereader might just melt in your hands. Check us out at Pen and Kink and follow along, we promise, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

About the Books


Renovating A Heart by Deanndra Hall

In the next installment in the Love Under Construction series, it’s the story of two people with backgrounds so sad and difficult that it’s unlikely they can move past them. But when pasts become the present and threaten a life, can they put aside their fears in order to survive?
Revisit Louisville, Kentucky, and the friends and members of the Walters family. You’ve watch Nikki and Tony fall in love, and seen Vic and Laura face their demons while coming together forever. See what’ next – join us on May 19th and see if Steve McCoy can find a way to heal while Kelly Markham asks for what she needs and gets a lot more. Enjoy!


RUN by River Harlequinn

Abused, neglected and the absolute bottom of the pile, the runt of her family, even below her half-breed father, Lea suddenly discovers she’s to be given in marriage to a werewolf family from her mother’s home town. But she hasn’t even managed to turn for the first time yet, and if she doesn’t, they’ll slaughter her.

Buy it now at http://riverharlequinn.com/buy-run


Protecting Portia by Pavarti K Tyler

Jackson Grady met the love of his life. Unfortunately, he was running drugs for a pimp named Sasha at the time, who asked him to keep an eye on their new acquisition from Russia, the bedraggled beauty named Portia. She touched his heart and forced him to confront the kind of man he’d become.

Now, Portia and Jackson both work at The Sugar House. He continuously looks out for her, and longs for her with his every breath, but knows he is unworthy of such an angel. What will Portia do to win not only the heart, but also the body, of the man she loves?

Welcome to the world of The Sugar House, and the men and women who will fulfill your every fantasy. But can they find a way to fulfill their own?


About the Giveaway!

And now for the part you’ve all been waiting for! Our fabulous giveaway, remember though, this is for our 18 and over readers ONLY. Prizes will NOT be sent to you if we discover you are under 18 and by entering below you are confirming you are old enough to qualify.
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{May 19, 2014}   About-Suzana Wylie’s Blog

Wonderful author you really should get to know.  🙂



via About.

I have had the distinct pleasure in creating both the book cover and book trailer for Dual Desires, Shyla Colt’s offering in the upcoming Red Hot and BOOM! anthology.



Amazing Story and Comeback-Let’s Help It Continue


I’ve only known Oliver and his wife through our interactions on Facebook, but I really, REALLY want this to happen for them.  Reading his story, and knowing just how far he’s come gives me hope that I’ll be able to accomplish great things myself.

Enter to win eBook copies of these books from Twenty or Less Press.  The covers were designed by dreams2media.  

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Fat shaming is bad.  Skinny shaming is bad.  We should promote BODY POSITIVITY (apparently that’s not a word, but I’m deeming it so for this post).  Period.  This is being written in response to so many posts and comments I’m seeing, especially today, about how being fat or too skinny is the worst thing ever.  The rebuttal?  Making fun of people who are thin.  Or worse.  

I’ve had people (random strangers and friends) play with my fat rolls.  They think it’s funny.  It’s not.  It’s degrading.  So is giving me unwanted advice about how to lose the weight.  It’s not cool to tell someone that you deem too thin to go eat a sandwich.  It’s degrading and disrespectful.  

If you don’t agree, then just don’t say anything.  If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  

{May 2, 2014}   Creative Block

I’ve had a long bout of creative block lately, both with artwork and writing.  Somehow, the other day, I managed to render out a couple of nice images.  I’d like to share them with you here.

Cat-Florinda-web Sugar-Skull-Cat-web

Enter to win a Kindle Fire!  Entering is easy-the giveaway link is at the after the book feature of the post.  Click it and follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter.

 Here’s the cover and blurb for Shadow Wolf by Sessha Batto.  She’s one of my favorite authors and in my opinion, it’s a fantastic piece of transgressive fiction.

Shadow Wolf ebook cover 8-18-12

Will love be sacrificed when duty and honor rule all?

The life of a shinobi is, at its best, a selfless devotion to duty. In modern day Japan, the ninja legends live on in a grim saga of political maneuverings, betrayal, sexual abuse, torture and homoeroticism.

The Shinobi clans lurk in the shadows, performing services that not even the hardened Yakuza will touch. Takahashi Yoshi fulfills his duty with soul-stripping resolve, each assignment driving a nail into a coffin of lost faith. After years of sexual abuse and torture in the name of clan honor, Yoshi must learn to trust, but the man who offers him hope is himself flawed.

Sasaki Makoto has spent a career in torture and interrogation, exploring not only the dark secrets of his clan’s enemies, but also the darkness within his own heart.

How far must Yoshi run to escape his shame and torment? And what price freedom when fear and self-loathing threaten to upend the hard fought struggle to find meaning and safety in a world fraught with danger.

Yoshi seeks time and space, only to find himself once more at the mercy of power mongers and despots. When Makoto finds him, Yoshi is broken in more than body. Near death, his spirit recedes to find safety within, locking out all who care.

They say time will heal but the path to acceptance is never easy, the roadblocks many, and none will emerge unscathed as Yoshi embarks on a struggle for balance.

Shadow Wolf is transgressive M/M literary fiction. It utilizes adult language and adult situations. It depicts violence, explicit sex and disturbing scenes/images. If you are offended by male/male eroticism, sexual situations, depiction of BDSM elements, and strong language you might not enjoy this work.

Smashwords Amazon (ebook and print) Barnes and Noble (ebook and print) Kobo Payhip Omnilit

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