{May 7, 2014}   Let’s Have a Little Positivity, Shall We?

Fat shaming is bad.  Skinny shaming is bad.  We should promote BODY POSITIVITY (apparently that’s not a word, but I’m deeming it so for this post).  Period.  This is being written in response to so many posts and comments I’m seeing, especially today, about how being fat or too skinny is the worst thing ever.  The rebuttal?  Making fun of people who are thin.  Or worse.  

I’ve had people (random strangers and friends) play with my fat rolls.  They think it’s funny.  It’s not.  It’s degrading.  So is giving me unwanted advice about how to lose the weight.  It’s not cool to tell someone that you deem too thin to go eat a sandwich.  It’s degrading and disrespectful.  

If you don’t agree, then just don’t say anything.  If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  


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