{September 16, 2013}   Be Sure

I really needed to read this today. So should you.

Suzana Writes


Be sure of what you want, my child,
Be holy goddamn sure.
If it’s not YOU, not what YOU want
Then some far-distant day
You’ll look down at wrinkled crepey skin
And belly gone to fat
Scars from the cuts with surgeons’ knives
Veins bulging from their load.
You’ll stand — not tall, but stooping now
If hips will even work —
And mirror-stare at face unknown
That’s burgled all your soul
And left you empty tattered box,
A box of nothing left.
Life’s a bitch, they say; and that’s true,
But Time’s queen bitch of all.
A slow relentless trudge you walk
A bulleting race behind
A foggy cloud of maybe so
Is all you’ll see ahead.
Time steals it all and then she laughs,
While bleeding back is turned.
If you barter all your dreams and wants
For what “you ought to” be,
The ones who “ought” and…

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