{March 27, 2014}   Kim Carmichael: Tupperware, Shane, & My Favorite Scene

I’m so excited to have Kim Carmichael visiting my blog today to guest post.  She’s also doing a giveway-one lucky com-mentor will win a Permanent swag pack, so make sure you comment!  🙂

Tupperware, Shane & My Favorite Scene:

Every time I write a story I end up with a scene that is my favorite.  Most people would think it would be one of the sexier scenes, but usually it’s a scene that came to me out of nowhere, seems to write itself and either has me laughing or crying.  In the case of Permanent and the Tupperware scene it definitely had me laughing.

I enjoyed taking a simple, every day occurrence such as a lunch and making it into showing Shane’s growing attraction for Lindsay.  The inspiration for the scene was actually taken from my real life when I made my boyfriend at the time and now husband lunch to take to work.  Sometimes even though guys can be silent, I sort of wanted to take a peek into what they are truly thinking.  Additionally, I got to do some fun banter between Shane and his best friend, Ivan.

 The best thing about the now infamous Tupperware scene is that several people have contacted me regarding how much they loved that scene.

I know it has been said to kill your darlings, and I can’t lie, when I sent this over to my editor at Assent I was concerned she may cut the scene, but it stayed.  Apparently she saw the little bit of magic as well.

Maybe sometimes our darlings need to live to see the light of day:


Here is a peek into the scene:

What does a good girl like little Lindsay prepare big bad Shane for lunch?” Ivan picked up the cooler.

 “Hey.” He reached for it, but Ivan held it out of his reach.

 “This is pretty heavy. She must think you’re a pig.”

 “Give it.” He set his jaw.

 “Either you open it, or I do.” Ivan put his finger on the button latch.

 “You’re an ass.” He reclaimed his cooler and opened it himself.

 They peered inside.

 “I think that’s Tupperware.” Ivan pointed.

 Everything in the cooler was neatly packaged and Shane hated to disturb it.

 “You can’t lose that stuff. Women hate it if you lose their Tupperware, and if it’s Lindsay’s it’s all brand new.”

 “I know. I’m not going to lose it.” He prayed he wouldn’t lose the Tupperware and pulled out the first plastic square.

 Ivan leaned in as Shane lifted the lid. “Wow.”

 “It’s a salad.” Her precision cutting technique had all the vegetables uniformly sliced and diced.

 “And not just lettuce, there’s a good representation of different vegetables in there.” Ivan nodded. “She even put the dressing off to the side so it wouldn’t get soggy.”

Shane took a breath. Lindsay was all about the details and watching her work was fast becoming one of his favorite spectator sports. One second she was quiet and going through her papers, the next she was sternly giving him a lecture on finances. Half the time he didn’t understand what she said, but he loved watching her get all riled up. However with his money situation slowly being wrangled, she seemed to soften. Maybe it was time to plan an outing with her that didn’t involve business talk. With Lindsay, timing was crucial.

 “What’s your second course?”

He blinked as Ivan interrupted his thoughts and retrieved a round container from the cooler, opening it to reveal a sandwich on a circular piece of bread that fit the Tupperware perfectly.

 “That’s cool how she did that.” Ivan pointed. “What kind is it?”

 He lifted the bread. “Turkey.”

 “Healthy. She must not want you to die.” Ivan rubbed his hands together. “Keep going.”

He dug through the rest of lunch. A rectangular tub contained fruit salad, and a smaller square had cookies. Finally he pulled out a triangle one with a piece of cheese and some crackers.

 “How does she do that?”

 The lunch was as amazing as the woman who made it. His mouth watered. “What?”

 “How does she make all those shapes fit together?” Ivan motioned toward all the containers.

 “It’s so the food doesn’t get wrecked.”

 “Only girls know how to do that.”

 Shane pursed his lips. “Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”


You can find Kim on Twitter @kimcarmichael4 and her website and on Facebook.


This scene cracks me up. I love it because it does so much. It shows the guys being guys and it shows how Shane feels about Lindsay and what Lindsay is doing for him to show she cares too. Plus it’s just plain fun..

It was fun to read! I enjoyed it a LOT.
Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Permanent sounds like a fun read

It’s on my TBR list for SURE!
Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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