{March 20, 2014}   Rise of the Goddess Charity Anthology

1606356_10152320548798013_672937027_o (1)I’m excited to announce my publishing debut.  My short story, Her, is in Rise of the Goddess: Divine Awakenings, presented by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing.  The proceeds will all go to the Elliott Public Library, a small library that had its funding cut.  All in all, there’s 14 short stories and 3 works of art inside, along with cover design from Dave J. Ford.

You can purchase Rise of the Goddess from Amazon for only 99 cents!



The Goddess: a female deity who represents strength, love, dignity, sexuality, motherhood, wrath, peace, the elements, and so much more. She is the symbol of every woman who has ever been or will ever come to be. She comes from a myriad of places and beliefs, her image always changing, but her presence always there. In this collection of fourteen beautifully written stories and three lovely original artworks, the Goddess rises in many unique forms to remind the world of the strength and beauty that is woman and the connection she has with all things.
****All proceeds from the Rise of the Goddess anthology will go to benefit the Elliott Public Library****

The lovely Sinead created this trailer for our book.  🙂

You can find some of the authors included in the anthology at the links posted below.

Catherine Stovall’s Facebook page.

Mariana Thorn’s Facebook page, Twitter, and website.

Andrea L. Staum’s Facebook page and Twitter.

Aubrey Diamant’s Facebook page.

Shebat Legion’s author page and Vampire Therapy links.

Elizabeth A. Lance’s Facebook page.

Michael Cross’ website, Twitter is @TheCrossLibrary, and Facebook page.

Rebecca Poole’s (that’s me!) Facebook page, Goodreads, and Twitter page.

Sinead MacDughlas’ Facebook page.

Samantha Ketteman’s Facebook page.

Beth Patterson’s website.

Cecilia A. Clark’s blog.

Dave J. Ford’s website.

Jackie McMahon’s Facebook page.


Congrats, I know that you’re excited!

Thank you! It’s an amazing feeling.

Debbie says:

Congratulations! I’ve just gone through a similar experience and it’s a wonderful feeling. 😀 Wish you much success.

Thank you so much! I appreciate the kind words and the visit! 🙂

Cecilia says:

well done Rebecca and good work.

Thank you! It was an amazing experience. Thanks for everything! ❤

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