{March 7, 2014}   Interview with Bestselling Author Rue Volley

I’m so lucky to have Rue here on my blog to do an interview with me.  It’s an honor, and I’m very thankful she took time out of her very busy schedule to talk to me.  The woman does it all, as you will see when you read her answers.


  1. Before we start talking about your latest book, why don’t you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

    Growing up I always loved Art in all forms. I was introduced to Violin at the age of 11 and started playing guitar at 18. My love for music spilled over into getting signed to a band of which I played in for over a decade. We toured the United States and ended up organizing what became dubbed as “Art Hops”. Our theory was that all Art could be mixed together and should not be separated, so we rented out various warehouses and had large shows that included all types of music, poets, drum circles, painters, tattoo artists and the list goes on. We even rented out drive- ins one summer and did a tour including all of these mediums PLUS Independent film makers who had their short films shown at the drive- ins we used. I absolutely loved doing it and perhaps somewhere down the road it will happen again, only this time I will not be playing in a band, I would just be an organizer and promotional director. My life really revolves around Indie Artists and helping them the best that I can. As my own career has grown in the literary world I have been lucky enough to hire people to help me with my own promotion so now I can help share links even more. I do enjoy watching people find success with their own Art, whatever it may be. I do not think there is anything more beautiful than paying your bills on something you created on your own. I would wish it for everyone. Other than that I co-own a graphics company (Vivid Book designs) with my partner Riley Steel and I do freelance photography. My life is completely wrapped up in my Art, whatever form it may be.

  2. When you’re not writing, what other things do you do in your spare time?

    I make jewelry and various craft items for my book signings and I also sell them to give the proceeds to Breast Cancer Research in memory of my Mom who died from the disease in 2012.

  3. Where do you get your ideas from?

    Life. Most of my ideas come from dreams that I have. I have very vivid dreams and try to take as many trips as possible to spark my imagination. Seeing new places, meeting new people always helps me in creating new worlds.

  4. You’ve published over 40 novels in the past 4 years.  Do you sleep?

    Not much lol. I actually do get in more sleep now than I did before. I used to suffer from insomnia, but as I have grown older I have been able to sleep more. I know it seems as if I write like I am possessed and perhaps I am. I know I am not normal when it comes to writing books but I write VERY fast. I can write 100-150 pages in under a week when the muse is active and then I can go for weeks without writing anything. I then go back and do LIGHT edits, I never tear my pieces a part and spend weeks revising it. It is just not the way I do things. Some people love my books and some just don’t get me at all and that is fine. I have a distinctive voice and it will always be the same. I also spend a lot of time with characters and conversation. Over description bores me to death so you won’t see a bunch of that in my books either. Nothing against authors who do it, it is just not my thing at all.

  5. What is the secret to being so productive?

    I write for the love of it. I do not think about the haters, the trolls…anyone who may think I should have done this or that. I don’t read reviews under a 3…ever. It is counterproductive. I avoid drama online, I block and delete people who practice in it and I ALWAYS think of my family. Everything I do is for them and to build a future for us. I think what can trip people up is worrying about opinions. I just don’t…at all. If you don’t like me…cool, move on. If you love me, then awesome, I write for you. It is not personal with me. This is my Art and I know I am not for everyone and that is okay. I think once you feel completely comfortable in your own skin then success is possible, and I am completely comfortable with what I do and who I am.

  6. Is it hard to come up with character names?

    I never have difficulty with this but then again I grew up with sisters who I told tall tales too all of the time. It was a game we played where I would start a story and then have to expand on it over time. I think it really allowed me to open up my imagination and just come up with things on the fly. I came up with character names all of the time and I do the same now.

  7. Is music a factor when you’re writing?  Do you create playlists for your books?

    Music is a HUGE part of my life. Let’s see the list is LONG.
    Nick Cave & the bad seeds, Sigur Ros, Imogen Heap, Elbow, Radiohead, Grade, The Weakerthans, Broods, Underworld, The Nationals, Baths, The Civil Wars, Silver Sun Pickups, NIN, How to kill angels, RUSH, Peter Gabriel, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and so many more.

  8. Out of all of the stories you’ve written so far, what is your favorite and why?

    I actually have two. The Blood & Light vampire series and Hellhound.

  9. Are there any genres you’re looking to branch into?

    I am currently writing in NA/romance which is new for me.

  10. What is the hardest thing about being a writer?

    Finding your true voice and sticking with it.

  11. If you could have any super power, what would you choose?


  12. What is your favorite word?


  13. What is your least favorite word?


  14. What is your go to snack food?

    Trail Mix

  15. What is your spirit animal?


  16. What is the last song you’ve had on repeat?

Why don’t you tell us a little about your latest work?  Please feel free to provide a blurb and a snippet, along with the cover image.

My latest is a romance I started writing a couple of months ago. I do not have a set title or a cover for it yet but the story is already mapped out. I just need to get to the end. This book will be in romance which is a new genre for me and is dedicated to my Dad who died in 2010.


I ran as quickly as I could as the train started to leave the station. I was late as always. It sucked that I seemed to be my own worst enemy. This trip was so important to me. I needed to get home. I had to and the fact that I left late, fretting over what to bring, was just ridiculous on my part. I had chosen the train because….well, everyone said just take a plane, but I refused. I felt like a train would be appropriate, considering the circumstances.
My Dad loved trains. Loved, as in used to. He was working at the steel mill in Stillcreek Pennsylvania, as he had for 40 years, and dropped dead of a heart attack. This happened just a week ago and I had scrambled to change my schedule at work and find tickets and everything, but the train seemed right. He loved them so much and I think I inherited that love from him.
He had taken me on the best trip of my life when I was just 11 years old. It was a train ride that was just me and him for 5 days. We left my siblings behind. I have 4 sisters. Yes 4, and no it is not cool. I am the youngest and each one of them thinks they know more than the other one. My Mother wanted a ‘garden of children’, as she often said when she introduced us, so she named us all after flowers. Quite honestly, any woman who can go through 5 childbirths and have them all be girls has the right to call them whatever she wants to. So we ended up being called Daisy, Rose, Violet, Poppy and Jasmine. That is me on the end, Jasmine, but people just call me Jaz for short. None of my sisters were as close to Dad as I was. They all loved the girly things and I was the tomboy. I loved mud, skinned knees, messy hair and no shoes. I sometimes think my Dad took me under his wing because I was so different than my sisters. I did not do it on purpose, I was just born that way and he accepted me, just like that.
I remember sitting next to my Dad as we watched the scenery go by from our room on the train. The sky was blue, the day was perfect and he said something to me that I will never ever forgot.
“When I die, I want to be taken on a train and you make sure to scatter my ashes from here to the other side of Pennsylvania Jasmine. I want to be set free and always moving.”
I remember staring at him as he watched the sky from our window and thinking about how he would never die, he couldn’t, he was my Dad. To me he was immortal. I then found myself blinking as I felt a hand take mine and pull me up onto the slowly moving train. I almost dropped my suitcase, a tattered old thing with stickers of different places of the world on it. I sighed and then looked up to see a man standing there, he was dressed in a white button down shirt, a nice coat and jeans. He grinned as I pushed past him and then I hesitated, remembering my manners.
“Thank you.” I said.
“No problem.” He replied as I stepped through the door and made my way down the hallway. I glanced back as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. I turned back and made my way along the narrow corridor the best that I could. The train was gaining in speed, so I swayed back and forth, bouncing from one wall to the other like a ball in a pinball machine. I finally saw my door number and slid it open. I peaked in and grinned as I remembered it, just the same as it had been when I was 11 and here with my Dad. I slid the door closed behind me and walked to the single bed. I placed my suitcase on it and felt the old leather. It was smooth and weathered. Containing memories as old things tend to do. This was the suitcase I had brought on my trip with him and half the stickers that adorned it were collected by the two of us. We had not travelled to all of these places, in fact, these were a map of all the places we said we wanted to go. A wish list, so to speak.
I flipped the lid open and pulled out his picture, well it was an old black and white. He was much younger, in fact he was the same age I am now, all of 25. Mom would probably be pissed if she knew I had it, but I snatched it up when I left home for New York and bigger dreams. It was always my favorite one of him. He looked like a writer, pipe in hand, shit eating grin on his face. As I age I do see him in me, especially my eyes. I turned and sat down on the bed, holding his picture and then I leaned back. The weird thing is this. I am not so much sad, as I am empty. I hope that makes sense. I have never lost anyone close to me so I have no idea what the process is. I would have to guess this is step one. I have no idea. I closed my eyes and felt the sway of the train as the bed felt soft under me. Some people may not be able to sleep like this, but I prefer to have movement and noise. If it is too quiet, I will lay awake all night. My Dad was the same way, he used to get up in the middle of the night and eat a cheese sandwich with a glass of milk. I remember walking into the kitchen one night and seeing him sitting at the island in the middle of the room. He took a big bite and then grinned at me as he chewed. I joined him, I think I was 13 at the time and it became a strange ritual we had of cheese and milk at midnight. I don’t think my Mom ever knew that he got up at night when the house was quiet and spent some time alone. If I had been older I would have left him to it, everyone needs their personal space and time respected. I understand that now that I am an adult but then? Well, I just felt like it was one more cool thing that we shared that no one else knew about.
I then started to drift off, clutching my Dad’s picture to my chest and thoughts of just travelling forever in my mind. Never stopping, not for one minute the rest of my life…

You can find Rue at her fanpage on Facebook, on Twitter, her Amazon author page, and on Youtube.


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