{February 16, 2014}   Mean Girls (or Boys)-Authors Behaving Badly

I’ve been seeing an alarming trend lately among authors, both big and small.  Mean girl (or boy) behavior.  Writing snarky posts on Facebook, tweeting mean things, or even writing entire blog posts about other authors or industry professionals that are horrible and nasty, sometimes on the verge of being libelous.  It’s one thing to leave a bad review or point out something you don’t like, but another to bring it to the level of un-professionalism and hurtful comments that I’m seeing now.

I’ve stopped reading quite a few authors because of this behavior, including some published by the Big Five.  I’m sure my sales won’t be missed, but it’s the only way I know how to protest bad behavior without stooping to the level of nastiness that they are bringing to the table.

I realize I’m a very SMALL fish in a rather large ocean.  I’m sad that I’m seeing wonderful authors and other industry professionals having to deal with the horrible behavior of a few.  It makes the rest of us look bad.  I refuse to associate professionally with badly behaving authors and other ‘professionals’ who think it’s okay to bully others.  We’re all grown ups.  We don’t HAVE to be friends on Facebook to be cordial.  

Play nice with others, people, or you’re going to be told to take your toys and go home.  



DP Denman says:

Great post! I was thinking about the same topic the other day. I think people get used to acting out online and forget how small the reader/writer world is. You can’t play Diva without ultimately hindering your own success. It’s better to do your ranting offline where no one else can read it.

You’re absolutely correct! The writing world really is not as large as one would think, and with the internet involved, news travels rather quickly
Thank you for visiting and commenting. I apologize for the delay in comment approval. I thought I had approved your comment via my mobile, but I guess it didn’t go through like I’d thought.

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