{December 19, 2013}   Sandra Sookoo’s Miss Bennett’s Naughty Secret

MBNS_V1_Copy-sml (1)Today, I honored to have one of my favorite authors on my little blog.  She writes the most spectacular romance.  My favorites are her regency romances, but I haven’t read a book by her that I didn’t enjoy.  Without further ado…here’s Sandra Sookoo.  Please see the end of the post for a giveaway for one of her ebooks from her backlist (published in 2012 or earlier.)

Thanks for letting me be on your blog today and talk about my latest erotic Regency story, Miss Bennett’s Naughty Secret. It’s the fourth, and last, book in the Scandal in Surrey series, so the release of this book is a bit bittersweet. These characters have been with me for almost two years.  It’ll be weird not having one of them to work on. But never fear. I do have another Regency series I’m in the middle of, though it’s not erotic like the Scandal in Surrey books.  I was drawn to write something different in this genre, so all of these stories contain some sort of erotic, sexy element.  What I didn’t want was my take on the Regency to be like the stories from the late 1990s or 2000s where the only thing that happened was maybe a chaste kiss or hand holding.  Oh no. I wanted to paint a new picture of the life and times, and what better way to do so than to have characters succumb to their deepest desires?

Without further delay, here’s the blurb for Miss Bennett’s Naughty Secret:

She wants security… Miss Elinor Bennett—an American transplant to England—is at her wit’s end.  Alone and abandoned following the deaths of her parents and brother in unrelated accidents, her only means of escape from sadness is spying on the new neighbor—and allowing her fingers to wander.

He wants respect… Geoffrey Ansley, bastard son of an earl, has just inherited real estate in Surrey.  A solicitor by trade and half-American by birth, he hopes his past won’t follow him.  Discovering the pretty redhead next door shares his adopted country is a happy accident.  And though he wishes to be left alone, he can’t banish his neighbor from his mind—especially after he catches her in a secret passage just outside his bedroom one night.

Sometimes fate is a fickle mistress… When a Guy Fawkes prank threatens to expose Elinor’s penchant for scandalous exploits and puts Geoffrey’s much valued reputation into jeopardy, they will need to decide what’s more important—staying one step ahead of the rumor mongers or falling in love no matter the cost.

And a small excerpt, which is the first meeting between Elinor and Geoffrey:

He arrived at the hedgerow in time to catch another glimpse of red.  And it wasn’t a scrap of fabric or a wild animal. It was, in fact, a person. “You there, miss. Do you require assistance?”  he called as a young woman stood fully upright from the tangle of branches. “Did you lose your way or perhaps your horse?” He glanced around the immediate area. There was no sign of a wandering animal or even another person.

“No. I didn’t lose my way. I’m exactly where I intended to be.” Her brown eyes, framed by red, almost golden lashes, widened even as a lock of her gloriously red hair tumbled from its knot at her nape.  A few cobwebs stuck to her tresses, but that one escaped tendril played to his thoughts.  Was it silky or coarse?  What would it feel like sliding over his skin and would it smell of flowers?  “I just didn’t expect you to be here when I emerged.”

“Emerged?” What an odd choice of words. “Emerged from where?  Where were you before?” He frowned.

“It doesn’t matter.” She smoothed a hand down the front of her drab, brown dress.  Dust and cobwebs clung to the fabric. A smudge of dirt streaked across one cheek. “If there won’t

be anything else, Mr. Ansley?” An American accent hung in her voice.  How very odd to find a transplant here at the edge of his property.

Though all he could think about was wiping away that smudge, the “Mr. Ansley” yanked the thought from his mind.  Did she know him?  Geoffrey wound the reins around his left hand, fighting the impatient dance of his horse.  “I beg your pardon, but have we already met? It would seem you have the advantage of me.”  He would have remembered someone as striking as her.  That red hair called to him, fascinated him.  He’d never known anyone, female or male, with ginger hair.  Did her temper match the fiery color?  Would the curls between her thighs be as bright?

Leave off, Ansley. You’re not looking for a bedmate at the moment.

“Uh…” The woman held her bottom lip between her teeth.  He couldn’t be certain, but he thought he caught the hint of a blush staining her cheeks, and it made her unremarkable face

suddenly come into personality.  “No, we have not met, but yes, I do know of you and the fact you just moved to Surrey.”  She gave him a nod then crossed her arms over her chest, which only drew his attention to the bodice of her dress.  The swell of her breasts heated his blood.  He imagined what they’d feel like against his palm and was obliged to shift in the saddle as his groin hardened.  “I am Miss Elinor Bennett.”

“Ah.”  He had no recollection of the name.  “I’m Geoffrey Ansley, and you have stumbled upon my property.  Do you live around here?”  She hadn’t told him what she was doing lurking about his hedgerow, and unattended as well.  “Can I escort you home? It’s the least I can do, for it looks like rain any moment.”  Damnable English weather, but he’d suffer it gladly for the chance to spend another few minutes in this enchanting creature’s company.

“Yes, I do live near.”  She openly studied him with a frankness and curiosity he found refreshing and not all at unpleasant.  Though he waited for her to smile, she never did, and disappointment crushed him.  “I’m afraid I must return—without your assistance. Thank you for the offer.”  Miss Bennett scrambled the rest of the way out of the brambles until she reached the relatively clear ground of the field.

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Ah, how enticing. Erotic, Regency, romance. This goes on my TBR list!

She’s on my “To Buy” list. Like you are. 😛

Nicely done! Or more properly, naughtily done. 🙂

❤ She's writes lovely naughty stories. And lovely sweet ones too. 🙂

Thanks for hosting me today 🙂

Thank YOU for being here.

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