{November 22, 2013}   When Angels Fall by Lachelle Redd

Lachelle Redd has a new release out!

How exciting!

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The emergency board meeting called earlier that week warranted yet another discussion of damage control. Fifteen well dressed, educated, professionals gathered to name a new chair. They would soon discover the old head was not giving up so easily. David strolled into the board meeting as usual, but today was different. The room filled with subtle whispers and snorts. Bob Gunning, the board chair eager to stretch his authority, spoke. “Son, I believe you are in the wrong room. The unemployment line is down in the blue collar section of town.” The room filled with laughter as Bob’s joke resonated with the crowd. David squared his stance and reviewed the crowd with a hot glance. A sudden shiver filled the air as he retorted. “Quite amusing how you can point a finger in blame when in fact, all of you are fallen angels. Let me tell you how this is going down starting with you Bob.” The demon stared into their souls; his cold, steely, blue eyes surveying each of them and calling them out for what they truly were. “I will gladly expose the affair with the pool boy and not the one that your wife is having, I am speaking directly about you, Bob Gunning.” Suits and skirts squirmed at the revelation realizing that any of them could be next in his plan of exposure. Low rumbles and coughs escaped the guilty while the demon continued his rant. “As for the rest of you, I can tell all your dirty little secrets to the press and trust me I know everything. I can start with who’s been embezzling money from their own company and screwing not one but two of their assistants. Then there’s that matter of who forced the sister in law to abort a child that did not belong to her hubby and the almost drug overdose due to excessive orgies.”


angels fall cover


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