{July 7, 2013}   Campaign for More Female Badassery by Shyla Colt

***Note:  Post Contains Adult Content***


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Campaign for more Female Badassery ….

In the words of the amazing Joss Whedon when asked “Why do you keep writing these strong women?  Because you’re still asking me that question.”  I like my women, sassy, full of personality, grit, and a touch of bad ass. For me, Heaven Leigh , my heroine in, Keys to Heaven, fits all that and more. Her quips, comeback, and strength, pack a powerful punch Think Buffy, Anita Blake, and Bo from, Lost Girl. Don’t know who I’m talking about? Here are some nifty links: Buffy, Lost Girl, and Anita Blake.

Now that we’re on the same page, they’re made of awesome, right?  The beauty about writing is there are no rules. I don’t think romance has to be all softness and sweet emotions. It can be raw, dirty, edgy, and exciting. I did my best to channel that with, Keys to Heaven. With my heroine I could write things I didn’t normally, and explore. Long story short, she made me bring my A-game. * wild grin. I loved every moment of it. Outcast from birth, the half angel, half demon is thrown for a loop when she breaks her own rules, and discovers that she is the key to ruining the earth or saving it… want to know more?

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Born to a fallen angel and a demon, Heaven Leigh Spirit has never truly fit in. Shunned, tested, and ridiculed, she’s hardened her heart, building a wall around her none are allowed to scale. Carving a life for herself running the neutral bar, Purgatory, she caters to all things winged , clawed, and other, provided they play nice.  When she breaks her middle of the road stance to rescue a newly fallen angel she gets more than she bargained for.   The amnesic angel awakes in the bed of the only woman he’s ever lusted after with nothing  more than the knowledge he was sent to protect her. Struggling to remember who he is, and why she’s in danger, he fully embraces the passion between them that blazes hotter than hell fire. When the truth about his mission comes out he must fight to convince her the love they share is real, and he’s not going anywhere.

In an ironic twist of fate the woman cast aside for a birthright she never asked for holds the keys to the worlds ruin or salvation.   For the first time he saw past her carefree façade. Her eyes darkened and she shook her head. “I don’t see long term in the cards for someone like me.”

“Like you?” He shook his head.  “What does that mean?”

“Let’s just say I’m the kind of different most people can’t handle.” She rinsed off her plate, back ramrod straight as she “What if I want to try?” The words stunned them both. Where did that come from?

“You can’t even remember your name Angel Man.” Sorrow tinged her voice, and she shook her head.

“And yet I remember you.” Acting on instinct he pressed her into the sink, placing both arms on either side of her body. He bent down buried his nose into her silky, soft  hair and inhaled. She smelled like floral musk. “I know I’ve spent days wondering how you’d smell, and if you hair would be as soft as feather down.”  He nudged her hair away with his nose and nuzzled her neck. “How you’d taste.” Her breath caught. He ground his erection into her firm ass. “I’ve whiled away hours dreaming of being inside you, so much that now when I don’t even know anything about myself you remain the vibrant, sexy, center my world orbits around.” “Jesus Angel man, you went from clueless to seducer in zero to sixty.” “I get the feeling I’ve never done this before ,so I’m glad I’m doing it right.” His voice shook. Being here with her like this was his birthday and Christmas rolled into one. She leaned back, wound her arms around his neck and purred. “How about I break you in nice and proper and we figure the rest out later.”  Her voice was liquid sex. He couldn’t ignore it had he wanted to. “I was trying so hard to be a good girl and let you go unscathed, but then you lay this secret admirer bit on me.” She turned her head to peer at him over her shoulder. Her eyes glowed amber mixed with red. “I know you aren’t human and I’m fine with that… I get the feeling I’m not either.” “Angel Man I’m going to take you for a ride you’ll never forget.” His cock twitched. Lighting fast reflexes had her spun in his arms, her full breast pressed against his chest. “I wouldn’t have it either other way.” Breathless with anticipation he stood stock still. “Don’t just stand there, lift me up.” Her whispered words tickled his ear. He gripped her thighs and lifted her up onto the counter beside the sink. Moving between the long legs she spread wide, he groaned. The heady scent of her arousal filled his nostrils, and her heat practically singed him. Her eyes burned the strange amber-red that gave him “I need to know if you’re as tempting as you smell.” He flicked his tongue out to caress the seam of her lips, she opened her mouth and he slipped inside. Surrounded by the taste of sweet syrup and Heaven Leigh his head swam. Her nails dug into his back and their tongues battled. He gripped her hips squeezing tight as he used her as his anchor. His heart swelled, threatening to overflow with heady emotions he could barley wrap his healing brain around. More than an object of lust, or infatuation, this woman was a lifelong dream fulfilled. She pried her lips from his. “Bed now!” Her husky command called him to attention like a general as she wrapped her legs around him. He lifted her from the counter. Their lips met again and he stumbled down the hall, collapsing on to the bed with her in his lap. “Oh!” She ground in to him rolling her hips into his lap, biting his lip hard enough to draw blood. Her tongue caressed the wound and he watched transfixed as she swallowed taking a part of him inside her, a prelude to the act to come. Her body shook. “You burn so good going down, like whiskey.” Tilting her head she A feral impulse rose, from a dark, and possessive place. Clamping down on her skin until he drew blood he lapped the wound. The thick liquid singed his tongue and his throat and he growled. When he pulled away the wound healed like magic. An image of black wings flashed in his mind. Fairy? She placed a hand on the center of his chest, pushed him down and bent down to graze his lips with hers. “How “First thing we need to do is get these clothes off you. I want to see the goods.” She winked and he laughed at her A devilish smile showcased two dimples on either side of her face. “Then that’s what you’ll get. Scoot to the end of He complied and she stood from the bed. Power swept through the room and music sounded. The raw, edgy rift of a guitar rent the air, followed by the low thrumming of bass. Heavenleigh’s hips swayed. Eyes closed she was one with the rhythm, interpreting the lyrics with her body. Clutching the edge of her shirt she pulled it over her head, barring her pink bra with black skulls. Her breasts were high and firm, and her waist was trim where it dipped in before swelling out into hips he wanted to wrap his fingers around. The urge to mar her skin with his mark burned bright in his belly. He gripped the sheets below him, licking his lips as she unbuttoned her skirt, hooked her thumbs in the side, and swiveled her hips making love to the air Saliva filled his mouth. She pushed the denim down and revealed a set of fishnet underwear with pink bows on the side, and he did his best not to drool all over himself. Strutting over she sat in his lap facing him. She ground her hips to the music, reached behind her and popped the bra. The reveal of the caramel mounds sent him over the edge. Darting forward he sucked a dime size, nipple into his She moaned, dug her fingers into his hair, and arched her back. “Don’t forget the twin, she’s mighty lonely.” Heeding her advice he moved his hand up to massage her right breast, alternating between them both. Wetness escaped her panties and soaked the front of his pants. “Bite them Angel Man. I like to be handled with a rough touch.” He bit down on the beaded tip and she gasped.


Follow Shyla on Facebook and check out Shyla’s website.


cherryce says:

congrats on your book shyla

Thank you for having me over Rebecca. 🙂

You’re so welcome! Thank YOU for being here. 🙂

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