{July 3, 2013}   The Perfect Solution by Ey Wade

Releasing today

From the inspiring mind of Ey Wade comes the enthralling tale of, THE PERFECT SOLUTION-A Suspense in Choices.
Catrine Teddi (mother), Austin Sanchez (father), Mona Boots (Abductor), and introducing Brhin-Kristofferson Josef Teddi.

Brhin-Kristoffer gives an amazing, heart wrenching performance as the child mistakenly given to a stalker. Surrounded by a cast of equally fantastic characters, the story of a failed relationship, mistakes in supervision, and a glimpse of mental illness, is perfectly executed.

In her delusional belief she is final doing something right in her life, Mona leaves the daycare with Brhin in her arms. It’s a choice she is prepared to defend.

You can purchase it here.

Ey’s site is http://wade-inpublishing.com and you can read more about The Perfect Solution here. 


THE PERFECT SOLUTION- Because everyone wants to trust their childcare provider. an excerpt.

Catrine stepped back and looked around the room. Lifting her face towards the ceiling, she blinked to hold back the tears. “I’m sorry,” she repeated. “I’m just… I don’t know lost, hurt and profoundly disappointed.” Her hand fluttered in the air in frustration. “I think I have cried more here than I have ever done in my entire life. I just can’t take it in.” Catrine shook her head in confusion. “I have never been so disillusioned. I put my trust in you.” She glared angrily. “I placed the most precious thing I had in the world in your hands and you people did not take your job seriously. Do you understand how important your presence is here? This is not just a baby-sitting thing. You are responsible for lives, lives that depend totally on you when they are here.” Catrine quickly bypassed the detective and stood in front of Mrs. Wall. “You have absolutely no business,” she angrily jabbed a finger into the woman’s chest with every word she spoke. “no, business at all having any control over the lives of so many children. None of you do.” Her voice broke with the bluntness of her words as she turned and waved her hand to include the entire staff of the day care center. “All of you should be held responsible for neglect, and abuse and I will make sure that you are.”

ey wade perfect


RH Ramsey says:

Congratulations and all the best to Author Ey Wade.

Thank you for visiting!

I am very excited about her new release.

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