{June 13, 2013}   My Fractal Art Inspired Something Pretty Awesome

Most people who know me are aware of my love for fractal art.  I’m not entirely sure how everything goes together yet, mathmatically, but man…it sure does make for some pretty awesome things to look at.  Here’s one of my latest (and favorite) pieces.  It’s called A Heart Attack Living In My Chest.  I heard a song with that lyric and it has sort of stuck with me for several weeks.  When I saw what I had created with my parameters…I knew that was going to be the title.

The piece has inspired an amazing poem by Susan Wylie Wilson and she’s given me permission to post it here to accompany the fractal.  I adore her writing and you should really check out her blog for more of her amazing work.  We both belong to a group on Facebook called the Erotica Writers and Readers.  While I know that erotica isn’t for everyone, the authors there are fantasticly supportive and my writing has improved leaps and bounds because of them.  Their site is here in case you’d like to check it out.  Please note that a LOT of the content is NSFW.

Heart Attack Living In My Chest

Fractal by Rebecca Poole

Crimson and scarlet
The path does lead
To heart’s beat at the core.
… Iris folds and tucks
The way does go
To love deeper all the more.
Petals peach and petals rose
Draw ever in or on,
I’ve been this way before.
Journey on, journey on,
The inexorable call,
To reach another shore.
Hope, like a new found dream,
Does tremble
Beyond the opening door.
A thrill of wonder
At path’s sudden end
A lusty cry — I am born.

 by Susan Wylie Wilson

Thank you for doing this!

Thank YOU for writing and letting me share your wonderful work.

M. Peters says:

So gorgeous. The two of you should cowrite/co-draw … co-INSPIRE together, for that is what you both do.

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