{June 7, 2013}   Save a knight, ride a Dragon!

I was very fortunate to have been a beta reader on Rogue Dragon. I love Kassanna’s take on dragon shifters.

I have wanted to say that for a while. Sadly it has nothing to do with my post. Well, the knight part doesn’t but I’ve quite a bit to say about dragons. There are myths and legends galore about dragons in just about every culture in some form or fashion. They are revered and feared at the same time. It was an image of a dragon in one of my sons books that set me off with a what if…

Stay with me here. What if dragons were real and somehow ended up as the stuff of legend because something major happened forcing them into the shadows of time? What if it happened for love? I could go on and on. In my head the seeds where sown. Perhaps it didn’t just stop there. Maybe every legend started out walking through the ages with man and slowly fell to the…

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