{May 25, 2013}   Flash Fiction Friday

winged woman

This past Friday, I participated in a Flash Fiction Friday with the writing group I adore.  It’s technically an erotica group, but it’s all about the story, not ‘getting it on’.  The piece I created is a horror piece, and much darker in tone than anything I’ve written before.  I’ve decided to call it “Her”.  I hope you enjoy reading it.  ENZZOK was gracious enough to allow me to share the image here that promted the story.   “Metamorphia by ENZZOK

The link to all of our flash fiction is Behind Closed Doors and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  There’s a variety of fiction there, and it’s ALL fantastic.


My angel, She sleeps, encased in a chrysalis of translucent skin pulsing with each beat of Her heart. Watching over Her for what feels an eternity while they laugh and mock my devotion. Their heresy will be repaid tenfold once She awakens and learns that only I was steadfast in my worship. Only I have kept Her chamber clear of dust and insects. Only I have protected Her in this delicate state, often with howls of rage and a gnashing of teeth, while the unbelievers attempted to enter, often stating that She’d never rise, that She was nothing, a product of a past that was no longer relevant. I have comforted myself and Her with the knowledge that soon, very soon they would see how very wrong they were.

I watch patiently as the pulsing increases, a staccato of brilliant light and sound filling the chamber. My own heart matches the beat and I feel faint with excitement and reverence. Ripping sounds reach my ears and in a burst of blood and viscous fluid, She stands before me, glorious and strong, veined wings fluttering madly to rid themselves of the gore left from Her rebirth. A clawed hand caresses my cheek, as She says “Thank you for your servitude.” As Her teeth tear into the flesh of my throat, I sigh in contentment as the knowledge that my blood and flesh shall nourish Her until She can leave the chamber to reclaim the world as it is Hers to rule.


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